Under The Melting Snow

Seal Underwater

What if we don’t have any food to eat and oxygen to breathe? Our lives could be so hard. As per the easy proverb “As you sow, so shall you reap” we’re standing on the cliff of risky climatic conditions. The climate which we are experiencing right now expected to happen in some 2050 but our pollution and global warming contribution has generated the biggest error. The penguins in Antarctica have begun to walk in moss so know about the climatic change which we’re going through.

Your itsy-bitsy part

“The choices of our past will be the architects of our present”. Some of the worrisome decisions that we’ve produced in the past are the result of our present living. Let’s just leave what happened in past and work on future without blaming others. I am not here to tell you the exact same old pieces of stuff that a number of environmentalists and scientists are already speaking of. Here are some of the initiatives which we can try to do for saving our planet.

Merritt Island Raccoon Removal

If you really don’t like the idea of growing trees in streets because there are no places then I really agree with your point. Like me you couldn’t have seen any mud spots in roads for growing trees, why waste time on growing outside your land? Just get a small-sized pot and plant some high oxygen producing trees like neem and nurture it.

Say bye to plastic bags

Many nations are saying no to plastic bags but we people are making the exact same mistake over and over by throwing wastes of bags and plastic which spoil our environment. Get some of the trendy shopping bags on your online shopping websites and utilize it.

Create your own take away waste bags

If you are in desperate need of throwing some waste papers or tissues after ingestion, better prepare for it. Put all of the wastes inside it and properly dispose it in public dustbins.

Do not be lethargic like you are not a reason for all these happenings. Remember if a catastrophe occurs, our vehicle pollution is also responsible for enormous iceberg’s melting in Antarctica. The pollution which we are creating is the main reasons for a enormous crack in icebergs and the sudden appearance of waterfalls in Antarctica.

If you’re not aware of happenings around then our generation will see all of the graphic pictures of San Andrea’s, 2020 in real-time. Are you ready to face all of the natural calamities? I hope you’re really not ready because am not ready to die either. Put your effort to save our planet.

As a take home message be sure we are still in the danger zone. Rise up and save our planet. Awaken the epic character in you!


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