Rodents in the Plumbing

Being a part of your city sewer there is the possibility that rodents will enter your home through the pipes. They come up through the toilet, regardless if you have water in the bowl or not.

Septic systems are safe, your plumbing pipes connect only to your septic tank, not to the greater plumbing system.

Most pipes going to your toilets don’t have a continuous stream of water in them, they are dry aside from the time you are flushing so only short bursts of water come through. Even if those pipes do have continuous water rats can hold their breath for up to three minutes, much longer than most humans, and they can swim up the water pipes into your home.

Raccoon Removal Austin Tx can help you solve your rodent using the plumbing pipes by performing what we call a smoke test. A team of two trained service members will come to your home or property and together they will push harmless “smoke”, just colored gas, through your plumbing, if you have an access point or hole being used by rodents to gain access to your home via the pipes smoke will come through that hole into your home. If you don’t the gas will dissipate in the pipes.

Upon finding the hole in the pipes being used by the rodents to enter your home Centurian can seal your plumbing preventing any more rodent entry. We can also seal your entire home so that rodents cannot find another way inside using small openings they find outside.

If you continue to have a problem with rodents in your home even though you’ve had other companies come out and try to solve the problem give Centurian Wildlife Services a call, let us do a “smoke test” to see if they animals are using your plumbing, and then help you solve the problem.


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